Why Choose Evergreen Valley College

Discover the Rewards of Being a Hawk


World Class Soccer Environment

Train and play at our very own state of the art soccer specific facility, we have the facility and equipment you need to take your game to the highest level.


Conveniently located South Bay Location 

Represent your local community college, our South Bay campus is ideal for any San Jose residents, why sit in Bay Area traffic when you can play the highest level of community college soccer right on your doorstep.


Successful Soccer Programs 

Join a program that has over a 75% wining record across both the Men's and Women's soccer teams for the last 10 years. 


Multi Cultural College ​

Surround yourself in diversity and embrace the many varying cultures that EVC campus is home to. EVC embrace students from all over the world. 


Prepare and transfer to 4 year school

EVC is a very well respected academic and soccer institution, follow in the footsteps of many before you and complete 2 years of playing soccer with the Hawks, study hard, and transfer to complete your undergraduate degree whilst playing soccer at a 4 year university. 


Beautiful 175 Acre Foothill Campus 

Fall in love with our 175 acre campus in the tranquil foothills of South East San Jose. Enjoy many of the trails or parks that surround our college or simply just enjoy the view and backdrop of the hills behind our soccer field.

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